Monday, May 4, 2009

Nine Month Checkup!

Today I took Savannah in for her nine month checkup! She weighed 16lbs 11oz and she was 26.5 inches tall. Both of them were about the 10th percentile! The pedi said that her weight gain was perfect and that she is just petite (unlike her mother and father)! He also said that I can start feeding her more table food! So that should be interesting! She already eats like a pig! She just loves food so much... that girl can't skip a meal at all!

As far as the crawling... She is doing much better! She is starting to get into everything! It is so crazy how they go from not doing much to crawling WELL in just one week! It is so cute watching her play, she is having so much fun learning and exploring!

I keep promising to post some more pictures.... So sorry! I will try to post some tomorrow! Savannah is already in bed and I need to get a few things done before I get to as well! So goodnight for now...


MichaelandJaclynn said...

So cute!! She needs to come visit her friend Jaclynn amd my baby cousins!

Sarah said...

Good for you Savanah! Table food is so yummy! I can't wait to come and play with you...more like chase you! Love, Olivia