Monday, July 27, 2009


Here are a few pictures I took of Savannah in Alabama! My aunt got her this adorable outfit with a matching bow! Out of about 20 pictures I took, here are a few of the best ones! She is getting so big and wants to walk everywhere now! I can't believe that in just 5 days my sweet baby girl will be ONE! Time has flown by!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More pictures to come from our trip!

I will post more pictures when I get a chance! I have taken alot so far! Also, Savannah will be a year old in less than 2 weeks! Can't wait! We have a big birthday celebration planned! It will be so much fun! I still have alot to do when I get home from Alabama! So I will be a busy bee then! So for now... good bye!

Fun in Alabama!

Savannah and I have been in Alabama for several days now and we are having a blast! She has gotten to ride the 4 wheeler and gator, seen the cows, and enjoyed seeing all her family! She just loves all the attention she's been getting. Her walking has gotten so much better! She especially loves to go outside and walk. She now points to the door and says "uh uh uh"... We have been working on "please and thank you". But not luck yet! Although, I really miss having Michael here! It's not as much fun since he can't be here this year! But hopefully next year he can join us!

Swimming with Jen Dawn!

So pretty playing outside!

Looking outside at everything!

Riding the 4 wheeler with Donald and Bobbie Tail

I love Bobbie Tail

Riding with Cousin Lisa!

Wearing my pretty bonnet from the Amish village!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First "Real" Mother's Day!

Mother's Day this year was a full one! We went to lunch with Michael's family, then we went to my parents to celebrate the Mother's day and my niece and nephew's birthday! Needless to say... I didn't get but 1 1/2 hours of sleep! But surprisingly enough I was in an okay mood! Here are a few pictures of the day! I really didn't get to take as many as I wanted to, but when you don't sleep it is hard to remember everything! I don't even think I got one of me and Savannah! I will have to work on that!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nine Month Checkup!

Today I took Savannah in for her nine month checkup! She weighed 16lbs 11oz and she was 26.5 inches tall. Both of them were about the 10th percentile! The pedi said that her weight gain was perfect and that she is just petite (unlike her mother and father)! He also said that I can start feeding her more table food! So that should be interesting! She already eats like a pig! She just loves food so much... that girl can't skip a meal at all!

As far as the crawling... She is doing much better! She is starting to get into everything! It is so crazy how they go from not doing much to crawling WELL in just one week! It is so cute watching her play, she is having so much fun learning and exploring!

I keep promising to post some more pictures.... So sorry! I will try to post some tomorrow! Savannah is already in bed and I need to get a few things done before I get to as well! So goodnight for now...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crawling... Well sort of!

Savannah started crawling this week! Yippeee! Now it isn't very far, but it is a start! She mainly tries to crawl to Isabelle (my cat)! She loves her so much, although Isabelle doesn't always feel the same! But for the most part she puts up with her and sometimes seems to love her! Earlier this week I was rocking Savannah and Isabelle jumped up in my lap and rocked with us! So cute! But as for the crawling, it isn't a lot but I am sure it won't be long till she is everywhere! I think this weekend we are going to move the coffee table out and just use an ottoman for a table! Michael is really worried that she is going to get hurt! So.... out goes the table!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So I'm a Little Behind...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last posted! I have been reminded of it daily, so... sorry everyone! It has been really difficult finding time to post! Savannah has gotten so busy lately! And when I do seem to find spare time, I try to clean the house!

A lot has been going on in the last 2 months! Savannah is eating 3 meals a day! She loves food so much that her milk intake has gone done! I am still pumping, but slowly I am weaning from it! I am just hoping to make it to 9 months and then I will probably stop! She is now eating the Gerber Graduates Stars! Those are her favorite! She is also sitting up in the crib and trying to pull up! So... We had to lower the crib mattress! She has 2 teeth so far on the bottom and that is all! She has gotten super chatty! But will not say Ma! She says Da Da and Na! But will not say Ma! Oh well, I guess she will eventually! Her latest activity is that she is trying to crawl! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks, but can not figure out how to move! I am sure it is just a matter of time before she crawls! That means we have a lot of baby proofing to do!

We will be going to the Pedi office for her 9 month checkup in about a week! So I will have a weight and everything soon! I will also try to post some pictures before then! So... Until then, this will have to do!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Savannah is now officially back to her old self except for a cold! Thank the Lord! We went to the pedi on Tuesday and he thought it was viral if not the flu. He tested her for the flu, but it was negative. Although... he said that many times it comes up as a false negative! So... we are thinking that was it! He said if she wasn't better in the next 24 hours to bring in a urine specimen to make sure it wasn't an UTI. So I did that yesterday (she still had fever on Tuesday night) and come to find out her urine was fine. Last night was a better night. I finally got her asleep by 11:30 and then she slept till about 8am. It was wonderful sleep (which we have been lacking in for the last week)! But now.... I am sick! Last night I had a low grade fever and aches and now today I feel like I have a head cold! Yucky! So hopefully I can sleep it off in the next 24 hours so I can go to work this weekend! Savannah is going over to Mom and Dad's house for a sleepover tonight! They will have so much fun! Mom and Dad are so sweet to keep her tonight (on Dad's birthday) so we can both sleep!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yucky Weekend... Sick?

Well... This weekend wasn't the best for Michael and Savannah! She just wasn't herself. Not sleeping and more whiny than usual! She was up off and on Friday and Saturday night and then last night she did the same thing just not as bad. This so wasn't the best weekend for this, because I worked extra till 1am last night and Michael also had the kiddos this weekend! Michael was busy busy busy with no sleep!

So needless to say, she was still fussy and whiny this morning and starting running a low grade fever! I called the doctor and we are going in at 8:30am in the morning! Teething? Ear infection? Virus? I just don't know!

Rolling Over!!!!

Savannah is now rolling over from her back to her tummy! Last wednesday (2/11), she was playing on her playmat and I ran out of the room for a sec and when I came back she was on her tummy! Yipppee! We have been waiting for her to actually get the hang of it! Now she does it quite often! Although, she really doesn't like being on her tummy yet! Maybe with time she will like it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Miranda!

Here are a few pictures of Miranda's 8th birthday party on January 18th! We had the family over and Miranda got to invite a friend as well! After all the pizza and cake... we all went roller skating! Well... the kids and Michael did! Although, Aunt Ree (Michael's sister) was brave and skated for a bit... but then she fell and hurt her knee! Poor Aunt Ree!

More Pictures....

Here are some pictures that I took recently! She loves to play with her toys and chew on her hands! And of course we have to have the binky handy at all times!

Pictures from Christmas

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Six Month Checkup

On Monday, I took Savannah in for her six month checkup! Everything was great! She weighed 14 lbs 4oz (20th percentile)! And she was 25 3/4 in long(5oth percentile)! The pedi said she looked great! I also told the pedi that I had been trying to feed her solid food twice a day. He said that I can start trying to get her to eat three times a day. Wow... That is going to be hard! Sometimes a bottle is just a bit easier! Although, compared to just a month ago she is eating great! So it is getting easier with time! Savannah is doing really well at night! She sleeps in her crib and usually sleeps from about 10:30pm till about 9am! Not too bad... the only bad part is just getting her to sleep! She just fights going to sleep all the time (naps and night-night time)! Also.... I promise I will post some pictures soon! I just haven't downloaded them yet!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow... It's been a long time!

It has been almost a month and a half since I posted! So sorry! Things have been crazy around the Garcia household! The week of Christmas Savannah started to get sick. And then it just kept getting worse and worse, so on New Year's Eve I took her to the pedi. The Dr said it was a simple ear infection and the antibiotic would help. (Now I know all of you are probably thinking... Why didn't I take her sooner...? But the pedi's nurse said not to. They gave me many instructions of what to do over the phone during the week of Christmas!) Well, she seemed to get better but then started to get worse again! Yucky! The runny nose and cough is now back with a vengeance. So, just to make sure it wasn't anything else, Michael and I took her to the pedi again on Monday. He said her ears were fine, and it seems that she just might have gotten another cold. Hopefully this all will clear up in a couple weeks!

Christmas was great this year! We all had a great time! During the holiday, Michael's kiddos (Autumn, Caleb, and Miranda) came to stay with us! So let me tell you, it was Crazy around here! It was so nice though, because Autumn helped out with Savannah! She loved spending time with her big sister!

Well, it's late now and Savannah woke up and we have to get her back to sleep! More to come later and I promise I will download some pictures!