Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun in Alabama!

Savannah and I have been in Alabama for several days now and we are having a blast! She has gotten to ride the 4 wheeler and gator, seen the cows, and enjoyed seeing all her family! She just loves all the attention she's been getting. Her walking has gotten so much better! She especially loves to go outside and walk. She now points to the door and says "uh uh uh"... We have been working on "please and thank you". But not luck yet! Although, I really miss having Michael here! It's not as much fun since he can't be here this year! But hopefully next year he can join us!

Swimming with Jen Dawn!

So pretty playing outside!

Looking outside at everything!

Riding the 4 wheeler with Donald and Bobbie Tail

I love Bobbie Tail

Riding with Cousin Lisa!

Wearing my pretty bonnet from the Amish village!

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MichaelandJaclynn said...

I didn't know she was walking!! Looks like you guys are having a blast!