Thursday, February 19, 2009


Savannah is now officially back to her old self except for a cold! Thank the Lord! We went to the pedi on Tuesday and he thought it was viral if not the flu. He tested her for the flu, but it was negative. Although... he said that many times it comes up as a false negative! So... we are thinking that was it! He said if she wasn't better in the next 24 hours to bring in a urine specimen to make sure it wasn't an UTI. So I did that yesterday (she still had fever on Tuesday night) and come to find out her urine was fine. Last night was a better night. I finally got her asleep by 11:30 and then she slept till about 8am. It was wonderful sleep (which we have been lacking in for the last week)! But now.... I am sick! Last night I had a low grade fever and aches and now today I feel like I have a head cold! Yucky! So hopefully I can sleep it off in the next 24 hours so I can go to work this weekend! Savannah is going over to Mom and Dad's house for a sleepover tonight! They will have so much fun! Mom and Dad are so sweet to keep her tonight (on Dad's birthday) so we can both sleep!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yucky Weekend... Sick?

Well... This weekend wasn't the best for Michael and Savannah! She just wasn't herself. Not sleeping and more whiny than usual! She was up off and on Friday and Saturday night and then last night she did the same thing just not as bad. This so wasn't the best weekend for this, because I worked extra till 1am last night and Michael also had the kiddos this weekend! Michael was busy busy busy with no sleep!

So needless to say, she was still fussy and whiny this morning and starting running a low grade fever! I called the doctor and we are going in at 8:30am in the morning! Teething? Ear infection? Virus? I just don't know!

Rolling Over!!!!

Savannah is now rolling over from her back to her tummy! Last wednesday (2/11), she was playing on her playmat and I ran out of the room for a sec and when I came back she was on her tummy! Yipppee! We have been waiting for her to actually get the hang of it! Now she does it quite often! Although, she really doesn't like being on her tummy yet! Maybe with time she will like it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Miranda!

Here are a few pictures of Miranda's 8th birthday party on January 18th! We had the family over and Miranda got to invite a friend as well! After all the pizza and cake... we all went roller skating! Well... the kids and Michael did! Although, Aunt Ree (Michael's sister) was brave and skated for a bit... but then she fell and hurt her knee! Poor Aunt Ree!

More Pictures....

Here are some pictures that I took recently! She loves to play with her toys and chew on her hands! And of course we have to have the binky handy at all times!

Pictures from Christmas

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Six Month Checkup

On Monday, I took Savannah in for her six month checkup! Everything was great! She weighed 14 lbs 4oz (20th percentile)! And she was 25 3/4 in long(5oth percentile)! The pedi said she looked great! I also told the pedi that I had been trying to feed her solid food twice a day. He said that I can start trying to get her to eat three times a day. Wow... That is going to be hard! Sometimes a bottle is just a bit easier! Although, compared to just a month ago she is eating great! So it is getting easier with time! Savannah is doing really well at night! She sleeps in her crib and usually sleeps from about 10:30pm till about 9am! Not too bad... the only bad part is just getting her to sleep! She just fights going to sleep all the time (naps and night-night time)! Also.... I promise I will post some pictures soon! I just haven't downloaded them yet!